Environmental art competition

The Pilsen Region and the City of Pilsen announce an environmental art competition for all school children up to the age of 16 and class teams from the Pilsen Region (Czech Republic). Main competition topics are “Economize on rain water” and “Rooftop green oasis”.
Useful information: 
Water is no longer perceived only as a source for household, industrial or energy needs. Nowadays, it is perceived as a substance with several functions such as landscaping, ecological, urban, hygienic, recreational, social and others. Today, we can produce good quality drinking water, purify water, save water, etc... However, what we can still learn is how to economize on water in built-up areas, how to take care for water in an urbanized landscape, and how to deal with uneven rainfalls (torrential rain, drought) and temperature extremes (increase in the number of tropical days per year). Rain water management principles are known: effective water retention and economic use of water at the sites where rain water occurs, slowing down an accelerated flow of water to the sewer/drainage system, and supporting water vaporing (water resources, wetlands, greenery). The aim of this competition is to create original work related to the topic of the competition. Important dates of competition: 14. 3. Information distribution to schools 30. 4. Submission deadline 4. 5. Jury meeting 21. 5. Results announcement More info is available at: http://www.plzensky-kraj.cz/cs/clanek/ekologicko-vytvarna-soutez and https://ozp.plzen.eu/aktualne/ekologicko-vytvarna-soutez.aspx